Sweet Good Morning Texts for Her

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Good Morning everyone! If I could get everyone to please post these sweet good morning text messages for her on your Instagram, whatsapp or Facebook status. We are about change and impacting. Help us spread these cute messages to all the cute girls around.

Charming Good Morning Texts for Her!

Life comes with unexpected twists and turns it won't all be joy and sunshine. So as the fire allows a new beginning, allow yourself to be ready to rebuild after a bad experience, good morning.

It doesn't matter how many friends you have if you don't let them be one

In order to get my respect and trust, you have to give it! Some boundaries in life shouldn't be crossed! Don't be rude and nasty to others, unless you’re willing to accept it back! People will reveal their true nature. Enjoy your day!

When I say good morning & someone doesn't say it back, in my mind I am putting a cream pie in their face in front of everyone.

We can plan for calm and in comes the storm, we can plan for the calm and in comes the storm but what remains constant is the fact that we know what comes so the best preparation for life is to live it.

Be slow to make promises but be quick to keep promises you make.

Life is about choices, and you've made some choices here lately and you have to except the outcome. It is time to be adult and face them like one!

The key word is respect, and a true friend should have it! This is my thought of the day! Inspired and brought to you by a morning text. Good morning.

Not because you’re madly in love with the person doesn't mean they're the one for you.

You must be realistic in how you live but don't let them cloud your life with negativity.

Everyday that comes is truly a blessing whether you're feeling great or completely stressing. Take all in equal strides because life isn't about how it ends, it’s about the ride and what we comprehend.

Don't expect someone who has never walked in your path to understand your struggles.

Real girls don't think they just put themselves on the line not because it's something in it for them but because it's the right thing to do.

Make sure your words keep pace with your actions because nothing worse than people that talk fast but walk slow, have a good day!

Believe in your own words enough to take your own advice.

You're praying for me well I appreciate it but keep in mind Prayers without work are simply just empty thoughts placed into the universe.

There will be times in your life where your journey requires you to walk alone & figure it out on your own.

Don't tell us all on Facebook about how good your boyfriend is, if you're not telling them that just means you're a fraud. Have a lovely day.

When a girl is with a guy  then distance should not matter, nothing should matter if that connection is there, but when a girl tell you "I cant do this anymore" its because they have nothing but guilt in their own inner peace.

Your word is what you will be judged by. No need to lie, scheme and plot. Be forthcoming, honest and true. Keep good values and principles even in the face of death for what is right will never need justification.

Life is a continuous lesson and in that lesson are chapters about a person’s true identity which can be seen through their response not to adversity but to the simplest of situations that deserves but does not give loyalty.

When people see you as a strong person they're blinded by your need for help.

Some people would never want to see another person achieve a fraction of what they have amassed but stick to your grind because only you know where you're coming from and where you want to be. Good morning my other half.

Tell me the truth, lying to me won't help me grow as a person, good morning.

if you go with someone over looks you'll eventually end up alone, just like the saying if they cheat once, they will cheat again, you fool me once shame on you, you fool me twice shame on me, that’s reality so don’t waste your time, and heart in the long run. Have a nice day!

You only got one person on this earth in the long run, yourself. Good morning.

Affluence is the permanent paint on the walls of society, its funny how wealth determined in a person's mind what people are or are not.

Ladies don't trust the words of every guy who calls you up or singles you out in a crowd or on a first glance situation or even a guy who just noticed you because you cleaned up nice for a party. That tells you a lot about him. Either he’s just only physically attracted to you or you all know what that means. Respect yourself and be strong enough to ignore deceptive words. Trust a guy who knows you as a person and not as an image. He will guard your heart and your purity.
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