Dr Seuss Funny Quotes about life

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The following funny quotes about life are not said by Dr Seuss but these hilarious words are highly inspired by his thoughts. If Dr Seuss was a rapper... he'd be so good but weird because he'd start making up words. Could you imagine "faro dory" being a slang word? What would it mean? I love reading books but when they hand me a Dr Seuss book I want to scream! Sorry in advance to all those who love his books. I just can't stand all the non sense and weird words lol. I know that I have no imagination!
Dr Seuss Funny Quotes 

Dr Seuss Funny words about Life!

  1. we are all atoms that turn into cells and time is an invention, time is an invention because its a time that is created to move forward, in other words we are not time, because there is no such thing as nothing, the nothing is always something and it never ends in the every  think.
  2. Cant you feel we're all sewn together, but what they say I just can’t believe, what you're eating they've been feeding to millions, like a giant human centipede.
  1. I have nothing to prove and I don't need to be a professional boxer or a fighter because I am the only one.
  1. First I need to get into a music recording studio because my voice is on a save to everyone's notion and my character is going to get saved too everyone's notion because I created movies and children books and CDs in every genre and I got a hit in every CD.
  1. I am going to tie your ego on a bed and I am going to hit her like a man and I am going to leave her there until the bruise is gone because I have nothing left to loose.
  1. the novel of the story and what it gets down to is, I am nobody but the coincidence of having this name and being raised in ah castle and that signature and the entire connection with everything together as one because you are all in my brain, in other words, I am Winnie the pooh dr. Seuss and rest.
  1. I am the Excelsior man and my superpower is reading minds and the speed of the in time as well as being able to fly and having the energy of a force in strength.
  1. I can't wait because this is going to be fun and I rhymed through these movies in quotes.
  1. I am not in rancho anymore but I still have the castle in my ranch, I am next to Horton plaza because it's Horton hears a who and I am the one writing the book as the narrator speaks or thinks, because I put the letters there and we are letters and numbers because it never ends as you can go real low and real high.
  1. You are all in my imagination, its Hollywood and I speak for the trees so it’s welcome to the universe of end-tress and the planet world.
  1. Now I have to change every song and the way it was because she is not like anybody else, this girl is really hot and by hot I mean hot with I and my theme and looks like the girl of my daydreams....
  1. I got mind illusions because I just have to, especially in the position I am in as I am writing a book...
  1. I am getting a tattoo on the same location Johnny Depp has with the crow, as soon as we begin the "who am I" movie I created.
  1. I created the devil from myself and I created the good of angels from myself.
  1. My life can change completely from one day to the next, cameras and lights and the people going crazy and are going to ask me for a signature..... I look amazing, all I thanks to Walt Disney.
  1. Option 1, I can run for president of the united states for the next term or I can run for president of the united states for the remaining of the term, option 2, I can keep it a hallow vibe with rumors and show it on camera.
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Everything you ever need to know about life is in Dr. Sues "Oh, the places you'll go"...I promise...been my favorite book since my friend read to me the day I left for college and at the time I thought that was so corny and lame. We are all entitled to our stupidity. it is the only thing that I know of that cannot be changed. If you are ignorant you can learn, if you are short you can pay a doctor to break the bones in your legs and separate the jagged edges until new bone grows into the void.

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