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All the motivational volleyball players should all remember these true but funny volleyball sayings as we set our goals for lifetime: There is no growth in your comfort zone or comfort in your growth zone. Set your goals high, and don't be afraid to do what it takes to achieve them. It sure as heck won't be comfortable, but that's the point. Being able to step outside the comfort zone and into the growth zone is what separates the rights from the wrongs.

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Cute Volleyball Quotes

  1. Confession: without volleyball or track, I would have no life.
  1. I wish there was a way to watch the women's volleyball finals without listening to ESPN. I truly detest them.
  1. Today I learned that your body has to produce 5 miles of blood vessels to feed every pound of fat you gain. Pretty sure I tacked on a good 25 miles of capillaries over the break...
  1. Note to self: Playing volleyball without kneepads......not a good idea!
  1. Nothing in sports bugs me like fair-weather fans + bandwagon jumpers. Pick a team/player, stick with it, and don't only talk when they win.
  1. Been about a week and a half without volleyball I think I deserve a breakup.
  1. You can't play black light volleyball without a little bit of ‪‎swag.
  1. I was feeling very unsettled in my last match and knew something was wrong. Not sure if it was depression, guilt, loneliness, irritation, regrets, or simply lack of motivation.
  1. A day without Volleyball is never a good day!
  1. Fairly certain the guy who invented parking garages was also the one who created the Mini Cooper.....
  1. Seeing all this stuff about volleyball tryouts and making the team really makes me miss 8th grade volleyball.
  1. That poor lady in the volleyball stadium looked so hot that I'm pretty sure I could have bought all her stuff for one ice cold Coke........
  1. Being without the Internet is felt like Tom Hanks on an island with volleyball or Sandra Bullock in a wet suit.
  1. There's nothing better on a cold wintry morning than a fresh warm blast of skunk coming through your vents.
  1. I really wish I had volleyball or something to take my anger out.
  1. Nothing says winter like having to put on jeans instead of shorts, trying to get the consistency of my oatmeal correct, and having a lady call me and ask for the temperature because her internet is not working.
  1. I have now learned that playing more sports helps relieve breakup stress. I think I'm going to join the volleyball next week.
  1. I tickled volleyball because my blobs are amazing.
  1. I open my Little Bites so fast this morning that one of my chocolate chip muffins came flying out, almost like he was trying to escape. I immediately thought of every animated movie I had ever seen and wondered if this was the hero of a new movie and I was the evil human he was trying to escape. So I picked Chip up (yes I named him) looked him into his little brown eyes and ate him in one single bite.....I'm a bad, bad man......
  1. Just watching volleyball stuff on YouTube makes me want to play.......guess there's going to be some Midnight volleyball practice.

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