Anti Bullying Quotes for Instagram

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The following anti bullying quotes are not said by famous people but these are worthy words and slogans to post on your Facebook status and Instagram bios. We see so much about bullying kids in schools. But bullying sometimes happens in the adult world as well, but at this point it becomes harassment and just as hard to deal with.

anti bullying slogans
Bullying: What's up with all this bullying that I hear people carrying on about? Why can't people just live there own lives and let others do the same. When I encountered bullying in school I could just step up toe to toe and either knock someone out or get knocked out and that was that, it didn't haunt me in feeds, Facebook status updates & Instagram shares. I hate to say throwing blows was handling it like a young man but it just seems nobler in some way. I guess technology has given cowards the edge.

Sometimes kids very little that gets through harassment situations. I have found that conversations with my own children go very well, and then I catch them doing exactly what I asked him not to do. I think that social political pressure at school make reasoning almost non effective. It is similar to the logic of talking to your kids about not having dating too early. Behavior usually trumps logic. I think that instead of hiding their child's behavior they made their child face it in one of the only ways that would bring things home. I have a feeling that this came with a lot of discussion. Under the circumstances I have no problem with what they did.

Anti bullying quotes for Facebook!

  1. Many parents are concerned with bullying and the effects it has on the youth of today. It is my hope that more parents be proactive and empowers their child as bullying largely happens where it is not in view of teachers.
  1. I don't know why people have to put them down because of something they can't help.
  1. Being a mother I never had to teach my kid to stand up to Bullies. Before he got into Karate he stood up for other kids in school that were being Bullied. What you people see in him now is what we were proud of him being when he was young.
  1. The long term psychological effect of embarrassing a teenager in so grand a fashion and that should not to be underestimated.
  1. Calling someone ugly, doesn't seem like a bullying issue to me. It’s more like someone being ignorant, mean, trying to put someone in the dark space they idle.
  1. First there were studio gangsters, now we got Internet thugs.
  1. I don't believe in public shaming of children to teach, and I find it wrong to imply that someone has beliefs and is taking actions that are actually being imposed on them. It would have been much better to talk with bullies and help them figure out the best ways forward to make restitution.
  1. If a man doesn't find a woman attractive, he shouldn't say, no one's ever going to love you. He should say, even though I don't find her attractive, I hope another man does.
  1. Our kids are a reflection on how we as parents treat others too. Punishment is not the answer; our kids need to understand the consequences of bullying and the long term effects it can cause
  1. To whoever is feeling alone out there? It's not worth giving up on. You've got your whole life ahead of you.
  1. A simple word could crush someone's dream, could take away they happiness, a simple word could kill, so why you out there still calling people with bad names for nothing, aren’t you learned your lesson too?
  1. Bullies are ignorant idiots who find it necessary to poke fun of others when they haven't a clue what goes on in their lives.
  1. Offenses towards someone, attacking them socially, physically, mentally are when I would consider it bullying.
  1. Either way for those who have an issue with your positive outlook or anything, it's their problem and loss! They are missing out on your awesomeness!
  1. Bullying makes me feel sadness and sorrow for them that they feel so terrible about themselves; they choose that kind of behavior! Head up, deep breath, and let this encourage you to keep doing what you do!
  1. People get bullied for being too skinny or too overweight and it shows you how stupid bullies are.
  1. I am not only against bullying... I stand strong in doing what is right for humans... God listens to the words that are spoken from our mouths. He watches the choices we make in building others. Are you part of the building people up or are you part of the destruction? Only you know the answer.
  1. I feel sorry for bullies because you are the ones with the real problem. You don't know how to get along with others. Learn to be kind then maybe you'll learn to love ourselves!
  1. Throwing blows or stepping up to a bully usually ended it from there. But cowards hide behind computer screens and cell phones.
A short poem against Bullying
Cyber bullying isn't real bullying.
There's no block button in real life.
But there is one online.
Teach your kids to stand up for themselves.
Hitting block is a great start.
Shaming your kids is not a form of discipline.
Teach discipline by showing discipline.
Maybe that's why they're bullies?
Stop Bullying
Last night my generosity was questioned publicly on Facebook. Before I had a chance to defend myself, wonderful friends were taking up for me and I will not forget it. I refer to this type of behavior as social media bullying and I will have no part of it. I do not post negative posts or comment in a derogatory manner on others' wall or posts. I deleted my page for one year due to this type of nonsense I witnessed from others, but I am here to stay. If anyone has an issue with my love for animals and positive outlook, please un-friend me now. This is not how I'll start out 2014. Some things are handled in a private manner and I have no desire to post everything for the world to see. Happy endings make a better story anyway.

One word can also fix, rather than destroy, one word could bring peace, one word can move mountains, and destroy all evil, but none of you are gonna change because my status, that I know, I just wish you keep your thoughts to yourself if you gotta think them, because not everyone can handle your criticism. If you're weak enough to judge me, be strong enough to help me, because if your opinion don't come with a solution, keep it to yourself. I'm so sick of seeing people bully other people whether it is online or at school I'm sick of it! Nobody deserves to be bullied and treated the way they get treated!! The ones being bullied are 10 times the person than the one doing the bullying will ever be... Everyone should stand up against bullying stick up for the kids you see being bullied and do your part!

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